• Top 3 Ways that Teachers Use JogNog

  • Teacher with students

    Automated Quiz Grading

    Teachers use JogNog’s automated grading feature to assign the appropriate quiz from JogNog’s vast library of standards-aligned quizzes. Students self-motivate to complete the quizzes and the teacher uses the JogNog “Grade Book” and “Student Report Card” for class grades. Teachers report saving an average of more than two hours each week by using existing JogNog quizzes and the automated grading feature.

  • Show Progress per Standard to Administration

    Teachers use the “Standards Mastery” report in JogNog to quickly share class-wide progress on all standards with their principals and department heads. It is easy to see the pre- and post-assessment results for each standard and is ideal for initiatives like district determined measures.

  • Quickly Review and Refresh on Required Concepts

    It’s coming up on the last days of a term or a school year and it has been a long time since your students have been exposed to some of the concepts on your state assessment. You can do a quick review of those concepts by selecting the matching JogNog quizzes and assign them to your class.

  • 10 Creative Ways that Teachers Use JogNog

    JogNog is used for review and assessment of required educational standards by tens of thousands of teachers around the world. Many of those teachers have also discovered ways to make JogNog even more fun and motivational. Here are some of their most creative ideas.

  • Beat the Teacher

    A teacher challenged his students to try to beat the number of correct answers he could achieve within one week. He is now one of JogNog’s top all time players (the teacher that is). The students who beat him were thrilled and won homework passes.

  • Jeopardy

    A 5th grade teacher split her class into teams who had to decide on answers to quiz questions projected on a white board. The excitement of this Jeopardy-style, friendly competition was palpable (and noisy!). The kids loved it and built their teamwork skills.

  • Play ‘Til You Get the Grade You Want

    A technology teacher told his students: “Your grade is up to you and I want you all to get 'A's. Here's how you can do it.” They could either take the assessments just once or keep playing, watching their grade rise with their knowledge level. Even normally poor students learned more and increased their scores.

  • Homework Helper

    A teacher simplified homework by assigning quizzes Monday and checking the JogNog’s online Grade Book for completion. By Friday, of 106 students only 6 weren't done. A quick email home got 5 of the last 6 to completion with little effort required by the teacher to grade or track down the slow-pokes.

  • Prepare for Substitute Day

    A teacher out for professional development found it very easy to tee up review quizzes and assign due dates that students could complete with the substitute teacher.

  • Sponge Activity

    A 2nd grade teacher's field trip to a wolf sanctuary was unexpectedly cancelled. To make good use of the extra time, she had students create their own quiz questions on wolves. She compiled their questions into a JogNog quiz and students felt real pride of ownership in the questions they had created.

  • Teachable Moments

    A teacher used JogNog's Questions report to find questions where students were struggling. While the students worked on their iPads, she wandered the room with a small whiteboard, swooping in to deliver personalized instruction when the students were stumped.

  • 5th Grade to 8th Grade Challenge

    A middle school that had state mandated testing in science coming up in May for the 5th grade and the 8th grade had the two grades challenge each other. The 5th grade reviewed 5th grade content and the 8th grade reviewed 8th grade content. The class with the greatest number of correct answers won the challenge. The 5th graders were ecstatic to be able to compete with the older students on a level playing field and pulled off the upset.

  • JogNog Challenge

    The JogNog Challenge is a competition among schools to complete the most quizzes and earn the most towers.

  • School Kick Off

    How teachers use JogNog to kick off a great school year. Download

  • JogNog Blog on Learning

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