I have been making quizzes on Google Forms for two years and it is a pain. It is not difficult to use but it is just a lot of clicking and the results do not come in a user friendly form (if you alphabetize them it alphabetizes everyone who took the quiz that day. If you don't alphabetize it is random and a pain to transfer to grade book ... which is on SchoolBrains!). Anyway, we got JogNog and I checked it out. I teach geography so the pre-made History questions did not really work for my groups. Then a colleague told me about making my own quizzes - BEST day ever! So easy to create and the results format is perfect! I teach six groups with a total of 178 students so the user friendly format has been such a time saving for me! And the pre-made History quizzes have become challenges for many students looking for more.
Eileen Paquette, 6th Grade Teacher, Haverhill, MA
My 5th graders love a competition. They liked JogNog so much last year that now one of the 6th grade teachers has decided to purchase it. Another teacher in our district... my competition for test scores.... paid for JogNog herself in an effort to keep pace with my students.
Debbie B., 5th Grade Teacher, Mississippi
My students are both 4th and 5th grade gifted science students. I use JogNog as a unit review and only add quizzes and science terms as needed. We have access to iPad mini’s and use class time once or twice a week to review unit concepts. Since I am able to follow student progress as they are working, there is very little off task playing around. I also allow them to send me a “praise me” message and will reward them with school related items. JogNog has become an invaluable tool in my classroom and I will continue to use it.
4th & 5th Grade Science Teacher, Greensboro, NC
All three of my classes are having a blast working on JogNog levels. We have a tower on the wall. The students have all created a Nog that they move up the tower as they complete assignments. Students are working independently at home without being told to do so for homework. It is amazing. JogNog has made my job so much easier. I hope that our entire school will be on board next year.
Elementary School Teacher, Laurel, Mississippi
I use JogNog for homework grades, assessments, and review work, including MCAS review and review for tests and quizzes. We do competitions between classes for homework passes or other rewards. My kids love it. It’s a great app for the generation of learners who use technology and a way they like to learn. Here are 10 of their comments: It’s more fun than doing notes or worksheets. It’s a fun competitive game. I like when I get a question right. You get a reward when you finish a tower, and there is a tower challenge all over the country. I like that it gives you the right answer when you’re wrong. The questions with pictures help me understand the question. Easy to use, fun and entertaining, learn new things, use on phone. It's a way of studying but it feels more like a game. JogNog motivates you to learn and get to the top while having fun. It helps me as a quick review. It challenges me. A fun alternative to studying in a textbook.
Maryellen Gallant, 7th Grade Science, Glenbrook Middle School
My students were having such a fun time advancing up levels in JogNog! The competition was awesome. It motivated all of our students to focus on learning!
Kelly Shaw, Key’s Gate Charter School, Homestead, Florida
I heard one of my students say, "This is fun! I want to keep doing this," whenever we were transitioning to a new activity in JogNog. As a classroom teacher for 24 years, I can say that anything that interests a middle school student is, indeed, worth the time and energy it takes to reflect on what makes this activity one worthy of classroom time. It's great that the students can also use this tool as a mobile app. In my opinion this is one of the best programs out there that aligns with the common core and challenges the students and provides data for teachers. I plan to share with my colleagues the advantages of using this resource and hope to convince my administrator of the effectiveness of using this to assess student needs, as well as help teachers gather data, in an efficient manner.
Angela, 6th Grade Language Arts, Mississippi
I have tried the terms quizzes and they are great! Just did some searching through Apps for science assessment and tried a few. I like how easy JogNog is to use. Also, I can see immediately who and what I need to help. I do use the online version to setup my class and explore different quizzes. I use the App for both practice and assessment. I have even added a few questions of my own.
Lynn Adamerovich, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Ligonier Valley Middle School, Ligonier, PA
JogNog is one of our highest rated apps at Balefire Labs. We love that it is mastery-based and has increasing levels of difficulty, as well as very detailed student progress reports for teachers. But aside from its great design and features, we think JogNog is a fantastic tool for continuous assessment in the classroom. JogNog is so easy to use and has such a big library of quizzes that it's the perfect tool for teachers to check student understanding every day on an ongoing basis. JogNog is a tool that we see becoming a staple of the every classroom ... helping teachers tailor and target their instruction, as well as adding a bunch of fun, meaningful interactivity for the students.
Karen Mahon, CEO of Balefire Labs (Top Ed App Review Site)
The bulk of our work with JogNog comes in our Tech/Engineering class where the instructor uses it as a way to quickly assess content knowledge for the 300 students he sees every week. So in this case it is required of them as part of their grade. Our second big use is as a consistent formative assessment with our 7th and 8th grade teams. We have been implementing common JogNog assessments at various points in the year to assess levels of understanding, and using the data to track student performance over time, between teachers, and between student subgroups. The ease of use with JogNog, its alignment to the frameworks, and organized data collection makes it a perfect fit for this task.
Scott, Science Curriculum Coordinator, Grades 7-12
JogNog allows every student regardless of ability to be competitive on the class leaderboard. Therefore, students who typically would not invest the time outside of the school day are just as excited to play as those who are more academically inclined. My students are asking me to add more quizzes daily and if they can play on the weekends. This program is truly an innovative and technological "win win" for all students. As a teacher, I too am hooked, checking my students mastery, the questions missed, and catering my curriculum in a prescriptive manner to best meet my students needs. We have implemented JogNog for grades 6-8 Science and Technology this year in our district and the students are relishing in having this program. Thank you Steve and Kris for all of your support.
Eileen, North Middle School Lead Science Teacher, Westfield, MA
I love the quizzes. I downloaded this app for an assignment in my Intro. to Education Technology Class. I have to download an educational app and evaluate it. You guys will definitely be getting two thumbs up.
Elizabeth T., Arkansas Northeastern College
I saw some amazing student engagement with JogNog. JogNog is a valuable program that motivates students to prepare for state-mandated tests, and it enhances my ability to teach targeted concepts.
K-12 Science Team Chair
The JogNog Science Challenge was a great way to motivate all my students to work together to learn science. The students love it. It is also a great time-saver for me because I can find pre-existing quizzes that match standards. I use JogNog mostly as a learning tool, but I’m also only two mouse clicks away from a progress report with real-time assessment data that I can send to my principal.
Jack Cash, 7th grade science teacher at the Parlin School in Everett, Massachusetts
JogNog has been a wonderful addition to our curriculum. Our students love competing against other schools in the district, and we are determined to answer the most questions by the end of the year! We keep a daily update of the JogNog leaderboard on display when students walk into science class. JogNog allows all students to review material presented in class and to review topics that will be covered in standardized assessments. I'm very proud of our students and pleased with the program's content.
Bruce Jaffe, 8th grade science teacher
My students love the Science Challenge and JogNog. They stay engaged with the content with anytime, anywhere access!
Kimberly Carter, science teacher at Westview Middle School in Greenwood, South Carolina
We ran a fifth grade weekly JogNog competition and the kids went crazy. MCAS science testing was the last week of the challenge, so the push was awesome. Everyone worked hard, and we were thrilled to reach second place.
Kathy Howe, Science teacher, Wakefield Middle School
I’ve had parents tell me how much their kids like JogNog, and I’ve had kids come up to me after a test and say ‘I saw questions on the test that I knew because I learned them from JogNog.
Tara Furkey, science teacher at Bellamy Middle School in Chicopee, Massachusetts
JogNog provided an opportunity for students to develop skills required for upcoming state tests, while using technology in a competitive way.
8th grade science teacher
I’m excited to use the heat map report to customize quizzes in JogNog. It quickly helps me see where my students need additional help, and it will save me time by helping me to match JogNog review and assessment to my lesson plans.
Mr. Douglas Shattuck, Engineering and Applied Technology Teacher at Concord Middle School, Concord Massachusetts and board member of the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE)
It is always a challenge to find ways to motivate students to take extra time to review what they learn. This competition really engaged students in learning all the way through the final stretch.
Kelly Graveson, science teacher at Douglas High School
JogNog allows me to target my instruction thereby freeing up time to enhance my curriculum in a way that is relevant and engaging for my students. When I assign homework in the form of a game that can be played on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, students complete it at higher rates and with fewer complaints. JogNog may be the single best tool I have to prepare my students!
Kelly Graveson, 8th grade physical science teacher
My students love JogNog! It lets me create content specific to my curriculum. It also allows me to differentiate quiz questions based on my students' instructional levels.
Cara Whitehead, Carlisle Elementary School, Boaz, Alabama
Burlington was among the first in the nation to implement a program of one tablet for each student. Successful one-to-one learning programs don’t focus on devices. Schools must keep the focus on engaging students through collaborative and creative learning. In Burlington, we involve everyone - students, teachers, and community - in the learning process. The ultimate goal always remains clear: provide the best education possible.
Dennis Villano, Director of Technology Integration, Burlington, MA
Our congratulations to JogNog and to all the finalists of the 17th annual MassTLC Leadership Awards. Each one is an example of the executive leadership, business acumen, and technological innovation fueling Massachusetts’ economy and an example of the breadth and depth of talent in our region.
Tom Hopcroft, President and CEO of Mass Technology Leadership Council
For teachers looking for a fun, interactive way to help students review the core curriculum, this product is an excellent choice.
National Science Teachers Association
JogNog offers an opportunity for students to play a game that they're going to find interesting and exciting because it's on the computer, and it gives them the chance to be reviewing the material they're using. As an educator, I'm really pleased to see more advanced games and opportunities for our students. I think it's a challenge to keep the games fun and entertaining but, at the same time, to keep them educational - and JogNog seems to be doing a good job with that. I think competition is great, and I feel that if our town (and our school) was able to compete against students in a rival town, especially if it's two towns that already have sporting rivalries with each other, I feel that this would be a great academic opportunity for students to push themselves to do their best.
Mike, 8th Grade History Teacher
I think about educational software like JogNog as a program that's going to have a long-term impact on student achievement. Another criterion that I consider before adopting such a program has to do with whether it is visually exciting. Will it engage the students? Does it allow a teacher to differentiate instruction? In any given classroom, a teacher's going to have approximately 25 students on three or four different levels. We're asking teachers today to reach and teach all kinds of learners. So I look for educational software to be able to do that so that a teacher, for example, can create an individual learning center. The other criterion I consider is whether it is engaging enough for students so that they would use it at least three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. The research would suggest that for any intervention, such as an educational game or software, to impact learning over a period of time, students need to work with that program at least three times a week, at least 30 to 45 minutes per time. JogNog is a perfect match for those criteria.
Elementary School Principal, Urban School District
Student feedback on the JogNog site has been very positive. Working at their own pace, students gain confidence as they practice answering multiple-choice questions under time constraints. The ability to access JogNog on mobile devices such as the iPhone allows students to get valuable test preparation on-the-go. This is an appealing alternative to test preparation booklets for many students. Teachers also benefit by using valuable class time to prepare the class for the hands-on or open-ended writing portion of state assessments.
Patricia McCue, NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
The interesting part about using JogNog and the experiment that we did was that we pursued it from the aspect of reviewing a large array of content in preparation for the science MCAS exam. For middle school, this is a large quantity of information that isn't practical to review in a short amount of time (simply because it has taken three years to teach the content). You wouldn't expect to be able to review all of it. JogNog allowed us to expose the kids to content they'd had in the past and we knew that students would have that ability with JogNog to refresh themselves with a wide array of information. The multiple choice format was a good way to stimulate that thinking, that prior knowledge, that vocabulary content.
Alexandria, 8th Grade Science Teacher
100% of our eighth graders used JogNog to prepare for the 8th grade science MCAS test. It made the mundane and difficult task of three years of review competitive and interesting to the students. I have been lobbying (aggressively) to use JogNog to supplement (even drive) our science DDMs, as well as establishing a pre-MCAS review tournament!
Jeff, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Westfield MA