Everyone. Smarter.

  • JogNog builds tools that motivate students to learn more, faster, and better. We leverage educational technology to simplify and streamline routine tasks for teachers so that they have more time for their students.

Educational philosophy

  • Everyone. Smarter.

    We want everyone (and we mean you) to have the tools to become smarter!

    Small Steps. Great Results.

    Incremental improvement works. The Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts merit badge systems and the Japanese business process of continuous improvement called Kaizen both demonstrate how simple small tasks, that are easily accomplished, can result in great achievements over time.

    Positive. Positive.

    Students learn best when they receive positive encouragement. We will endeavor to find and encourage you to work toward positive results even when there is failure.

    Mastery Before Advancement

    Students shouldn’t advance to the next level just because they passed the test. You should get to the next level if you have mastered the material - all the material - not just enough to pass the test.

    Congratulations, You Lost! Try Again.

    We encourage trying and failing. The most satisfied and successful people are those who know how to fail and are unafraid of failing.

    Competition is Fun

    To prepare children adequately for the real world, they must understand and embrace the challenge of competition. But competition must occur in a friendly and supportive way, where every student has a real chance of success at any time.

    Keep Moving!

    Students should always feel like they are making progress, even if it is small and incremental. We promise we will never slow down your progress with extra game mechanics or fancy graphics. JogNog is first and foremost about learning.

JogNog Partners

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